International student film festival Písek


Festival diary - day 1

Pavel Klusák – presentation about Michel Gondry in Café U Vavřiny

The enitre Café U Vavřiny had the opportunity to participate in a very interesting presentation by Pavel Klusák. He showed the listeners the music video work of a French director - Michel Gondry. The presentation was intersected with Gondry’s music videos and commercials.

Colin McKeown interview

Portyč Cinema was bursting in seams during the afternoon hours. Some guests even had to sit on the stairs. And it’s no wonder, Saturday was packed with great films. The audience of competition block D could see unorthodox drama about a witch Babaga, sci-fi from the near future Paraiso Beach or a cute animated film The Present.

The interview with director Radim Špaček

Saturday morning is the second day of our festival and a second day for competition screenings of student films. Third block, block C, not only had high attendance but a very good composition as well. It started off with an animated film about a conflict of a chicken and a dog and ended with a sad film about family life in an area called „White Earth“. The most interesting film however was called „AFDA“ shot in South African Republic about young lovers from feuding parts of the village. The film entertained and showed us how life is in the SAR countryside. All with a little comedic exagerration. As you know from previous articles, the czech director Radim Špaček is in the jury among other famous people from the film industry, and we have an interview with Radim.

„Pub“ folk Pod Čarou !!

A distinct approach of the folk genre was brought to ISFF by two, little bit comedic, musicians performing under the name „Vasilův Rubáš“. Even though it’s primarily folk, we could hear bits of punk or even shanson in their songs. Songs accompanied by a guitar and an accordion were meant to entertain and make the audience dance. The two young gentlemen were not afraid of sarcastic remarks, making fun of themselves and improvisation with the guests.

DJ Dremlock + Mephis - Pod čarou theater

When the gala opening was over and stars lit up above Písek, most of the guests moved to Pod čarou theater for a musical performance.

Gala opening night

The gala opening started off in grand fashion.

Sto zvířat in Pod čarou theatre!

The interview with director Jan-Gerrit Seyler

It was raining cats and dogs on Friday morning but the Portyč cinema was half full nonetheless. The audience consisted of the festival visitors and Písek and foreign students alike. The creators of the competing movies were also present to see their competition. A Swiss comedy movie Finger and a German animated movie Half you met my girlfriend were very popular among the viewers.

Workshop for children: Drawing with "MALÁ Z RYBÁRNY"

Friday afternoon in the Písek Sladovna has been one of the most pleasant ones. There has been a drawing workshop for children.